Boulevard Launches Marketing Suite to Help Self-Care Businesses Streamline and Simplify Email Outreach

Boulevard (, provider of the client experience platform purpose-built for appointment-based, self-care businesses, today announced the launch of the Boulevard Marketing Suite, a collection of tools that help customers streamline and simplify their email marketing strategy. Seamlessly integrated into the Boulevard dashboard, the suite enables self-care professionals to quickly and easily create, execute, track, and maintain email marketing campaigns that are both targeted and customizable. With the Boulevard Marketing Suite, self-care businesses can create better client experiences and boost revenue by filling slow days and last-minute openings, rescuing lost clients, and reminding loyal ones when it’s time to book.

Unlike competing email marketing solutions that rely on traditional usage-based pricing, the Boulevard Marketing Suite leverages a pay-for-performance model for automated campaigns through which customers only pay for appointments booked. This performance-based approach ensures customers enjoy an ROI-positive outcome every time they execute an automated campaign.

“In today’s digital age, targeted email marketing is essential to engaging with and retaining clients long after their first appointment,” said Shanalie Wijesinghe, director of education, Boulevard. “Historically, executing an email campaign has not only required expertise in marketing automation, but also significant time and resources – two things most self-care professionals don’t have in abundance. The Boulevard Marketing Suite alleviates that challenge and takes the stress and guesswork out of email marketing with beautifully branded and personalized campaigns that require little in the way of time, effort, or expertise.”

The Boulevard Marketing Suite allows users to leverage customizable templates that build brand awareness and match the specific email marketing needs of single- and multi-location salons, spas, and medspas. With the Boulevard Marketing Suite, users can leverage both one-time blasts that are ideal for general announcements, newsletters, promotions, and business updates, as well as automated, always-on campaigns that enable professionals to stay in touch with clients and unlock new revenue.

Additional key benefits of the Boulevard Marketing Suite include:

  • Intelligent design. Boulevard’s intuitive, easy-to-use campaign builder helps self-care professionals customize every email to match their brand, messaging, and creative goals.
  • Seamless integration. The new marketing suite integrates seamlessly with the modern design aesthetic and simplified workflow of the Boulevard dashboard, eliminating the need for professionals to learn a new solution or pay a third party to host their client list and enabling them to enjoy the simplicity of having all the tools they need in one place.
  • Data-driven targeting and insights. Automated campaigns with Boulevard Marketing Suite leverage intelligent algorithms and safeguards to deliver the right message to the right client at the right time, while also providing deep insights via robust performance reports. Users simply select their campaign goal and customize their campaign messaging. Boulevard does the rest.

The new marketing suite further bolsters the breadth and depth of capabilities available to users of Boulevard’s client experience platform. In addition to powerful appointment scheduling and messaging functionality, Boulevard also provides full payment facilitation capabilities, making it the only booking solution in the self-care industry that offers complete end-to-end payment facilitation. Boulevard now processes more than $1 billion in payments annually. More than 25,000 professionals in more than 2,000 salons and spas across the nation rely on the Boulevard platform to deliver personable, enjoyable experiences to their clients through online appointment scheduling, messaging, and payments that are simple, elegant, and reliable.

The launch comes as Boulevard continues to garner significant industry and workplace recognition. Last month, the company was named to the inaugural SMBTech 50 list recognizing high-growth startups that serve small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, earlier this year, Boulevard was named one of dot.LA’s hottest startups of 2022.

The company was also recently named one of America’s Best Startup Employers for 2022 by Forbes, ranking 33rd on the prestigious listing of the 500 best startup employers in the U.S. Additionally, Boulevard recently achieved Great Place to Work® certification for 2022 and was named one of the 50 Best Small Companies to Work For by Built In LA. With its commitment to a fully remote workforce, Boulevard has more than doubled the size of its team in the past 12 months and continues to hire.

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