Tom Brady’s TB12 and Brandon Marshall’s House of Athlete Unite to Empower Athletes to Live Injury Free and Perform at Their Best

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House of Athlete (HOA), an athlete lifestyle brand founded by Brandon Marshall dedicated to improving both mental and physical fitness for today’s athletes, and TB12, the health and wellness company co-founded by Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero specializing in performance and active recovery, today announced a joint venture to bring the best in sports medicine and personal training to pro athletes and everyday athletes alike. The two companies unite their personalized approach and methods inspired by two NFL legends and the most influential thought leaders in sports performance and wellness to curate co-location outposts in both Weston and Tampa, FL. HOA and TB12 will grow and scale together across new locations and new cities for years to come.

This partnership launches as HOA begins the 2023 NFL Combine and Pre-Draft Training. Through a unified approach, TB12 and HOA coaches and trainers are helping the next generation of athletes achieve peak performance. Starting today and through the duration of HOA’s Pre-Draft Training camp, TB12 body coaches and physical therapists are working closely with Combine athletes several times a week and providing body assessments to design custom programming for each athlete. The co-locations offer pro performance training, advanced fitness and lifestyle coaching, cutting-edge manual athletic services and IV therapy. Additional services include sports medicine amenities with state-of-the-art treatment modalities supported by the latest sports performance and technology software.

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“House of Athlete and TB12 are two of the most disruptive health and wellness brands sitting at the intersection of performance and mental fitness,” said Brandon Marshall, Founder of HOA, and six-time NFL Pro Bowler. “Athletes are considered some of the healthiest people on the planet. This partnership accelerates our mission to bring access to philosophies and methodologies that are typically reserved for the Brandon Marshall’s, Tom Brady’s and Serena Williams’ of the world. Together TB12 and House of Athlete will help the next generation of pro athletes, and everyday athletes, achieve peak performance.”

As of today, this partnership also brings long-time TB12 Body Coach, Bryan Hart to HOA’s Tampa facility where he leads TB12 sessions for NFL Combine athletes. At HOA’s Weston facility, NFL Combine athletes are trained by TB12 Body Coach, Rudy Rodriguez. In addition to NFL athletes, MLB athletes will also train at both facilities and have access to TB12 body coach services to prepare for Spring Training.

“As we expand TB12 into new markets, we are thrilled to be partnering with House of Athlete to make our services more accessible,” said Grant Shriver, CEO of TB12. “Our two brands are well-aligned when it comes to providing a holistic, personalized approach to performance and recovery, something we will continue to champion together through this partnership.”

The newest addition of TB12 body coach services at HOA is rooted in both companies’ goals to encourage athletes to dedicate time to muscle recovery to achieve longevity and pain-free living. In addition to professional and elite athletes, TB12 services will be available to all House of Athlete members.

For more information on HOA and TB12, visit and

About House of Athlete:

House of Athlete (HOA) is dedicated to improving both mental and physical fitness for today’s athletes. HOA believes being an athlete isn’t just about your physical ability or competitive performance—but also about being consistent and committed to a routine, which helps optimize performance in every area of life. HOA is anchored by their Five Pillars of Train, Fuel, Recover, Tribe, and Mental Fitness. Starting in January 2023, HOA is available digitally via HOA+, the next disruptor in digital fitness. HOA+ connects real athletes with real coaches everyday for focused workouts and programming working as a personalized change agent, providing physical and mental fitness access on their time, but with an emphasis on getting the most out of an everyday routine.

HOA was founded by Brandon Marshall, a 13-year NFL vet, six-time Pro Bowler, two-time NFL MVP, and host of Inside the NFL on Paramount+. Learn more at

About TB12

TB12 was founded by three-time NFL MVP and seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady and his longtime Body Coach, Alex Guerrero. TB12’s mission is to empower anyone to live pain-free and perform their personal best, regardless of age or level of athleticism. The TB12 Method is modeled after the daily habits Tom uses to perform and recover at an elite level, and it is built on Alex’s theory that a holistic approach to health and wellness starts with pliability. The TB12 Method is a series of healthy daily habits across five pillars, facilitating muscle recovery, injury prevention, and improved performance for anyone with an active lifestyle. TB12 supports clients through an omnichannel approach that incorporates physical TB12 Center locations in Boston, Florida, and Philadelphia, with more to come, immersive digital experiences, and innovative functional products.

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