Netcapital Founding Client Vantem Global Now Backed by Bill Gates’ Energy Fund

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Netcapital Inc. a digital private capital markets ecosystem, today announced that Vantem Global, a startup that was among the first clients of Netcapital Advisors and completed a round of financing through Netcapital Funding Portal, is now backed by Bill Gates’ energy fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

“It is always rewarding to watch early-stage companies funded by our platform continue to grow and gain broad investor support as they execute their vision,” said Jason Frishman, CEO of Netcapital Funding Portal Inc. “Vantem Global is a great example of how online capital raising can support the early days of a company as it builds its business and establishes its footprint. We congratulate Vantem for its business achievements to date and in gaining the confidence of a world-class investment fund.”

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Vantem Global, innovator of net zero building module units with up to 5x energy efficiency, has constructed over three million square feet of living space across six countries.

Netcapital’s management consulting group, Netcapital Advisors, helps companies at all stages to raise capital. Netcapital Advisors provides strategic advice, technology consulting and online marketing services to assist with fundraising campaigns on the Netcapital platform. It also acts as an incubator and accelerator, taking equity stakes in select disruptive start-ups. hosts an SEC-registered funding portal that enables private companies to raise capital online, while investors are able to invest from almost anywhere in the world, at any time, with just a few clicks. Securities offerings on the portal are accessible through individual offering pages, where companies include product or service details, market size, competitive advantages, and financial documents. Companies can accept investment from virtually anyone, including friends, family, customers, and employees.

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