T-Mobile and Delta Air Lines Join Forces to Deliver Free In-flight Wi-Fi

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Today, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) and Delta Air Lines announced SkyMiles Members flying Delta, regardless of their wireless provider, can get fast, free Wi-Fi all flight long. Both T-Mobile and Delta share the importance of staying connected wherever life leads — even at 30,000 feet. This partnership fuels the vision for a more connected travel experience for all.

“At T-Mobile, we believe staying connected while traveling should be an easy, seamless experience,” said Mike Sievert, T-Mobile CEO. “T-Mobile customers already get free in-flight Wi-Fi, and now we’re partnering with Delta to bring that experience to all SkyMiles Members so that anyone flying Delta can enjoy online access from takeoff to touchdown.”

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Travel is expected to soar in 2023, with over two-thirds of people feeling more optimistic about traveling this year compared to last. And staying connected is such a major priority that more than half of global travelers say having a phone and connectivity is non-negotiable. And that’s where T-Mobile and Delta come in. Kick back, scroll, stream and say goodbye to in-flight FOMO.

Free Wi-Fi will be rolling out to most domestic mainline Delta flights starting February 1, with more than 700 aircraft expected to offer free Wi-Fi by the end of 2023. Expansion to international and regional routes is expected by the end of 2024. The service includes free Wi-Fi all flight long — available on smartphones, tablets and laptops. To connect, passengers simply need to log in to their Delta SkyMiles account – or sign up for free – while on the ground or on the plane.

What’s more, Delta’s in-flight Wi-Fi connection portal will be refreshed later this spring with the airline’s new Delta Sync Exclusives hub, which will bring the vision of more personalized travel to life. T-Mobile’s partnership with Delta will enable this new SkyMiles-unlocked mobile platform launching later this year that will feature personalized content, entertainment, exclusive offers and more, from brands customers know and love.

“The ability to stay connected while seeing the world is simply foundational. Delta’s new partnership with T-Mobile signifies another exciting step forward as we lead the industry in delivering a differentiated onboard experience that’s as comfortable and personalized as sitting in your own living room,” said Delta CEO Ed Bastian.

Last year, T-Mobile launched Coverage Beyond — the Un-carrier move that gave customers on T-Mobile’s most popular plans the ability to search and stream all flight long where available, on four of the biggest U.S. airlines. This expanded partnership with Delta brings more flights with free Wi-Fi for T-Mobile customers and starting February 1, that experience expands to all Delta SkyMiles Members – yep, even AT&T and Verizon customers.

T-Mobile’s industry-leading travel benefits are just part of the unbeatable value that comes with being a T-Mobile customer — it’s almost like finding extra money in the bank every month. Customers can get $225 worth of extra stuff with their Magenta MAX plan with 2+ lines. For real. Only Un-carrier customers get free high-speed data abroad in 215+ countries and destinations, AAA for a year on UsApple TV+ on UsNetflix on Us, free Scam Shield Premium and so much more — all on top of their wireless service on the nation’s largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network.

To learn more about T-Mobile’s travel benefits, visit t-mobile.com/travel. For more information on T-Mobile for Business travel benefits, head to t-mobile.com/business/plans/travel-benefits.

Follow T-Mobile’s Official Twitter Newsroom @TMobileNews to stay up to date with the latest company news.

In-Flight Connection: Unlimited where available on select U.S. airlines with MAX plans; 4 full-flight sessions per year with Magenta plans. $225 in benefits based on the retail value of monthly benefits available with MAX family plans, like entertainment, travel benefits, and scam call protection. Some benefits may require activation.

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