Blackline Safety Recognized as Best in Class for Lone Worker Monitoring

Blackline – which provides wearable safety technology, personal and area gas monitoring, cloud-connected software and data analytics to ensure every worker gets their job done and returns home safely each day – is one of three winners in the category, receiving a top rating for its G7 Lone Worker Wearable Device. This is the second consecutive year that Blackline has received this award.

“When it comes to safety technology, customers want to feel confident they are partnering with organizations who are trusted, reliable and responsive—with an established track record,” said Cody Slater, CEO and Chair of Blackline Safety.

“Receiving this recognition from experts in the safety sector validates our game-changing technology in saving lives and transforming workplaces. Our wearable, cloud-connected devices are providing peace of mind and confidence to both safety professionals and employees that their safety is accounted for when they are at their most vulnerable.”

The COS Awards – now in their sixth year – honor outstanding products and services across 16 categories in the safety sector. More than 12,000 occupational safety professionals were interviewed in-depth to identify the cream of the crop, and the COS research team pored through the results to identify those products and services receiving the best grade, rated as “excellent” in their respective areas.

Blackline’s G7 Lone Worker and Personal Gas Detection Products are robust and intelligent connected wearables that accurately detect gas hazards, instantly notifying both workers and managers in real time, enabling contact tracing as well as corrective action to be taken to mitigate future incidents. Supported by Blackline’s professional 24/7 live monitoring service, they ensure maximum worker protection with automated safety incident and health event monitoring, including features such as no-motion and fall detection, and missed check-ins.

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