Fluence and REMY LED Lighting Collaboration Flourishes at Leading Israeli Cannabis Farms

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Fluence Bioengineering, Inc. (Fluence), a leading global provider of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial cannabis and food production, in collaboration with REMY, a horticultural lighting provider to Israel’s growing agriculture industry, is supporting the record introduction of lighting technology solutions to Israel’s medical cannabis facilities.

Israel—considered a world leader in cannabis research, cultivation and advanced regulation—has positioned itself at the forefront of the global cannabis market through highly innovative technology and data applications. The country now boasts supply capabilities that surpass its domestic demand. As the Israeli market matures, more and more indoor farms are capitalizing on leading controlled environment agriculture strategies proven to optimize plant growth and profits.

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REMY’s expertise, paired with Fluence’s products and evidence-based best practices for optimal lighting strategies at each phase of cannabis growth, has placed the companies’ collaborative designs in the three core categories of medical cannabis facilities in Israel: greenhouse, indoor and vertical farms.

Hybrid cultivation at Green Fields

Green Fields, which operates the largest medical cannabis growing facility in Israel, features a hybrid greenhouse model of harnessing sunlight and supplementing with artificial lighting to optimize plant quality. The forward-looking company chose Fluence and REMY to install a high-intensity lighting system.

«After working on several projects with REMY, we know the value of their professionalism, expertise and service. That’s why we chose them for our flagship project,» explained Jonathan Pisso, chief procurement officer of Green Fields. «The difference we saw in the first crop cycle using Fluence lighting was phenomenal. As a result of the facility’s control system, we have a great deal of flexibility and maximum control. We have integrated all the technologies with an extremely powerful lighting system, which results in uniform growth and excellent results.»

Growing indoors with Springs Valley Cannabis

Another popular type of cannabis facility in Israel is the fully indoor model, which allows control of all crop conditions to ensure uniform growth throughout the year while maximizing quality. Springs Valley Cannabis is setting up to become a major cannabis cultivator in Israel. It elected to use Fluence and REMY for lighting solutions in its indoor facility that covers an impressive 5,000 square meters of canopy.

«When we designed our unique facility, we sought trustworthy partners who would ensure our product would be a market leader. We found it in the combination of Fluence and REMY,» said Yossi Shitrit, founder of Springs Valley Cannabis.

Trichome’s urban vertical farm

Located in the heart of an urban industrial area, Trichome operates a fully indoor, multi-tier vertical farming facility. Harnessing the power and control of indoor cultivation methods, Trichome searched for industry-leading partners with experience optimizing environmental parameters in a multi-tier environment. With Fluence’s SPYDR Series, Trichome leverages a high intensity, broad-spectrum strategy that delivers precise and uniform light to the plant canopy.

«Fluence’s and REMY’s teams are extremely professional. They are dedicated to our success and bring us added value. The results are already exceeding our initial expectations,» said Tony Levi, founder and CEO at Trichome. «It shows the potential for indoor growth in urban centers. The facility utilizes every square meter of the building for efficiency and uniformity.»

«Israel is a technological ‘playground’ for the cannabis market, which makes it easy to examine and adopt advanced technologies quickly,» said Timo Bongartz, general manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Fluence. «With the early-adapter frame of mind that the Israeli industry practices, Fluence has managed to deliver expert horticulture knowledge and, together with REMY, cooperate with leading innovative growers to advance their operations.»

In addition to providing lighting solutions, REMY specializes in the planning, installation, integration and quality assurance of large-scale agronomic solutions, as well as after-sales service and support.

«At the end of the day, the plant is the best indication for our success or failure—and we are achieving success in multiple, diverse cultivation environments,» said Elad Toby, founder, CTO and chief business development officer for REMY.

To learn more about REMY, click here. To learn more about Fluence’s portfolio of luminaires and lighting controls, visit the company’s website here.

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