Online Education Services Selects Juniper Networks to Elevate Student Experiences in the Digital Era

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Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, today announced that Online Education Services (OES), an online education enabler, has selected Juniper’s wired and wireless solutions to power its networking experience. With a secure AI-driven network, OES is set to advance the online education industry through its digitally enabled solutions alongside its partner universities.

OES was established in 2011 with the goal of delivering innovative education experiences that attract, engage and retain students. Through partnerships with highly regarded Australian education providers, OES provides the expertise to create engaging online learning experiences for students who are not catered for by traditional campus-based offerings. Through proven successful and long-standing partnerships, OES has supported universities to grow at scale and speed while maintaining the highest academic quality.

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To sustain its continued business growth, OES relocated to a larger office building and required a high-performing network to support increasing demands and growing number of staff. In addressing this, Juniper’s Wireless Access Points with Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance were deployed to provide access to high-speed and reliable connectivity powered by automation. Coupled with Mist AI, the overall management and operation of OES’s network was greatly simplified, while enabling AI-driven insights into its users’ experiences. The ease of implementation also allowed for continued agility, a critical factor for OES as it looks to expand its business locally and internationally.

Supporting Quotes:

“We are pleased to have been selected by OES to support their advancement in the online education industry. Through our AI-driven solutions, we have built a simplified and automated network that is agile enough to scale with OES’s growing business. We are confident that OES will reap the benefits of a seamless high-speed wireless connectivity as it continues to grow its business in accelerating the digital learning experiences for students around the world.”

– Bruce Bennie, Vice President & General Manager, Australia & New Zealand at Juniper Networks

“With Juniper’s experience-first approach to networking, we have a secure and automated network that can be managed from a centralized location, allowing for greater efficiency across our IT operations. Through its AI-driven solutions, we are confident that Juniper will be able to continue to help us grow and scale our business with agility as we work toward further accelerating the online education industry.”

– David Payne, IT Operations Manager, Online Education Services (OES), Australia.

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