xSuite Group Named Among Best 50 Companies to Watch 2022 By Silicon Review

xSuite Group, a global leader in SAP-based procure-to-pay (P2P) workflows that specializes in streamlining accounts payable invoice automation (APIA), was featured among the “50 Best Companies To Watch” in 2022 by Silicon Review. Silicon Review’s list highlights the most successful companies across all products, services, operational cultures and management styles. It comprises companies that hold one commonality: the value they bring to employees and customers. xSuite was recognized for its disruptive, state-of-the-art AP automation technologies.

AP automation solutions by xSuite eliminate the need for manual invoicing. Every process step is completed digitally and automatically, including data transfer into SAP. The allure of security guarantees in traditional processes are also long past. xSuite provides greater security through AP automation that compares invoice data for discrepancies and automatically notifies employees.

Artificial intelligence and the cloud are the future of accounts payable invoice automation. xSuite’s placement in the Silicon Review’s list shows recognition for being at the forefront of these technologies and AP solutions at large. In fact, xSuite is already looking ahead to the next significant trend: e-invoicing, i.e., the standardized exchange of invoices in a machine-readable format and across national borders. Companies wanting to prepare for what’s to come will enjoy xSuite’s automation capabilities and tireless pursuit of technological achievement.

“Customers never reach an endpoint with us,” said Danny Schaarmann, President and CEO at xSuite North America. “We align with the expectations and needs of our customers while they experience digital transformation. In fact, we consider ourselves a long-term partner. We ensure customers are prepared for what’s to come in the world of SAP and invoicing by growing and facing challenges together. We concentrate on staying ahead of the game by being the best in accounts payable invoice automation for companies using SAP.”

xSuite continues to bring value to its customers and employees by always striving to be the best and up-to-date on SAP trends. Over the last 25 years, businesses have transitioned away from manual processes and towards digitization. As an industry-agnostic software solution, xSuite can tackle any accounts payable process no matter the industry.

Silicon Review ultimately included xSuite in its list of Best 50 Companies to Watch for both its disruptive AP automation software and its dedication to innovative and creative solutions. Silicon Review aims to identify and highlight companies that stand apart from the crowd with this list.

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