Department of Cannabis Control Launches CannaConnect, a New Resource to Support California’s Cannabis License Holders

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The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) today announced a new resource to connect California’s cannabis license holders to the people and tools they need to thrive in the state’s legal cannabis market. The resource – CannaConnect – is aimed at helping license holders navigate the state’s regulated cannabis market and maintain compliance.

Currently in its infancy, CannaConnect will continuously develop new resources, such as the “You’re Licensed: Now What?” and “What to Expect When You’re Inspected” fact sheets, as well as improve existing materials that provide guidance on compliance. Recognizing that each licensee is as unique and diverse as the market itself, and to ensure that the effort is reflective of licensee needs, DCC is asking all those involved in California’s cannabis market – from licensees to attorneys and consultants – to fill out a comprehensive survey to share their challenges and opportunities for new resources to support their business.

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“A strong legal cannabis industry is good for all Californians, and DCC applauds the thousands of legal operators who help ensure the safety and longevity of California’s growing legal industry,” said Nicole Elliott, DCC Director. “We know entering the regulated market can be overwhelming, complex and challenging, but DCC is here to help. We want licensees to succeed, and CannaConnect represents a dedicated way to reach cannabis license holders by providing them with tools and resources to support the operation of a compliant business.”

CannaConnect will serve as a one-stop-shop for cannabis businesses to find the information, resources and support they need at each stage of the regulatory process – from initial licensure to subsequently remaining in compliance. CannaConnect offers simple informational materials on the processes mandated by the state for cannabis businesses, from applying a unique identifier tag (UID) and using California’s Track-and-Trace system (CCTT) to preparing for site inspections, understanding regulatory compliance requirements, and much more.

DCC also released new resources today to assist provisional licensees as they transition into annual licensure, including two handouts, “Provisional License Requirements” and “Key Dates for Provisional Licensees,” and a web page describing the CEQA review process for cannabis businesses. Provisional licenses were created to facilitate the transition of cannabis operators into licensure. Assembly Bill 141 (2021) created rolling sunset dates, based on license and applicant type and established specific benchmarks for the renewal of provisional licenses.

Learn more about CannaConnect, and view the resources available today by visiting:

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) licenses and regulates commercial cannabis activity within California. DCC works closely with all stakeholders, including businesses and local jurisdictions, to create a sustainable legal cannabis industry and a safe and equitable marketplace. DCC develops and implements progressive cannabis policies with robust protections for public health, safety and the environment. DCC was recently formed by merging the three state cannabis programs.

To learn more about the California cannabis market, state licenses or laws, visit

CannaConnect is the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC)’s post licensure resource hub. The effort aims to connect California cannabis license holders to the people and resources they need to operate and thrive in the state’s legal cannabis market. For more information about the CannaConnect campaign, visit

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