Sensata Technologies Launches Sensata INSIGHTS Proprietary Platform that Provides End-to-End IoT Solutions

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Sensata Technologies (NYSE: ST), today announced the official launch of its new Sensata INSIGHTS brand that provides end-to-end IoT solutions for worksite and asset monitoring, supply chain and logistics, and telematics.

The IoT market is growing rapidly and as supply chains generate more data than ever before, companies ranging from Telematics Service Providers (TSPs) and supply chain visibility resellers to commercial vehicle fleet users are challenged to figure how to “connect the dots” and convert data into meaningful insights.

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Sensata INSIGHTS began with Sensata Technologies’ vision to solve this challenge at the intersection of an IoT value-driven future and a 100-year-old legacy of innovation and engineered sensing solutions. To realize the vision, Sensata acquired three companies, Xirgo Technologies, SmartWitness and Elastic M2M, all leaders in their respective categories. The consolidated business under Sensata INSIGHTS will help customers maximize the IoT ecosystem with end-to-end solutions that span video telematics, IoT asset management devices and software platforms for applying powerful analytics and machine learning.

“Our new INSIGHTS platform is a nexus between the physical and the digital, helping users make the smartest decisions through better data, an end-to-end view into the bigger picture, and a deeper commitment to our customer relationships,” said George Verras, EVP and Chief Technology Officer. “Sensata has always been known for our engineering excellence, ability to solve the world’s most challenging technical problems, and deep customer intimacy. We took that legacy of excellence, added new capabilities through a disciplined and committed M&A strategy and have emerged with a truly best-in-class platform which will help a myriad of customers, across trucking and transport, but also beyond including agriculture equipment, shipping and more.”

Sensata INSIGHTS offers proprietary technology to ensure maximum data quality and relevance to empower decisions and inspire exactly the right actions to reduce costs, avoid problems and enhance safety. Use-cases driving the highest value for Sensata’s partners across the entire supply chain are trailer utilization, workflow management, visibility of what’s happening in the field, mitigating risk from drivers and equipment operators, efficient use of non-power assets and the productivity of worksites overall.

“Sensata INSIGHTS provides flexible end-to-end supply chain monitoring and management solutions differentiated by more granular data, better insights and a deeper commitment to our customers and partners,” explains Shawn Aleman, General Manager of Sensata INSIGHTS. “We help our partners deliver better mission-critical decision making about movement of assets across land, sea, and air to their customers. I am excited for my team to meet with new and existing customers and partners at the Consumer Electronics Show this week to discuss the INSIGHTS platform,” adds Shawn.

The portfolio spans the entire supply chain ecosystem, and includes solutions addressing:

  • Cargo and trailer management
  • Warehouse and logistics
  • Sensing solutions
  • Vehicle telematics
  • Video telematics
  • Asset management and control
  • Worksite management

To learn more about Sensata INSIGHTS, visit

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