KinectAir Launches Commercial Operations in Pacific Northwest

KinectAir, the operating system of the private aviation and Advanced Air Mobility markets, today announced it has begun commercial operations via its first trusted network partner, Direct2 Air, a Part 135 operator based out of Bend, OR. Providing service across the Pacific Northwest, KinectAir now operates revenue-generating, on-demand private flights from Truckee, California to Vancouver, Washington and from Reno, Nevada to Seattle, Portland, and any of the countless regional airfields in between.

KinectAir Launches Commercial Operations in Pacific Northwest

“At KinectAir we provide the software solution for Part 135 operators today to dramatically improve their operational efficiency and revenue. Our launch brings to market the software foundation – the enabler – of the emerging Advanced Air Mobility market,” said Jonathan Evans, CEO, KinectAir. “The demand for private aviation has never been higher, and our software platform networks together the supply, demand, and meaningful operational load inherent in aviation. We’re thrilled to be operational in our home region and begin getting passengers accustomed to the platform they will use in the decades ahead to book point-to-point air travel”.

“Direct2 Air’s been working to cultivate a community of passengers that rely on our aircraft to enjoy their life to the fullest. But in order to scale that opportunity and optimize our own operations, we’ve sought out software that was purpose-built to enable and grow regional air mobility. The only provider with the unique combination of trusted aviation operations and software experience required to solve this issue in such a safe and regulated industry is KinectAir,” said Toby Woods, CEO, Direct2 Air. “It was a no-brainer upon learning how their software enables efficiency for Part 135 operators to have our fleet integrated as the primary operator in their network”.

To book a KinectAir flight today, passengers can visit a simple booking link with a mobile app for iOS and Android to come.

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